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Sponsored Projects



  PI/Co-PI Title Funding Agency Amount (Rs)
1 Toby Joseph "Brownian Dynamics Studies on Depinning, Melting and Dynamic Phases of Driven Partially Pinned Vortex Lattice" SERB Core  18.2L
2 E S Kannan /
Swastibrata Bhattacharyya
Experimental and theoretical investigations of ultra-thin two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures and their application to make Nano-scale Devices DST CRG  46.14L
3 Kinjal Banerjee Field Theories with Carrollian Symmetries SERB Core  18.04L
4 Rudranil Basu Holography from null-infinity: Curious interactions and (how) do they probe black-holes? SERB Startup  13.7L
5 Swastibrata Bhattacharyya Designing new 2D heterostructured materials: A definitive path towards next-generation energy storage devices SERB Startup  19L
E S Kannan Atomically thin photonic devices as host of single photon and entangled photon pair emitters and single spins for quantum sciences and technologies. (Nano Mission Project as Co-PI) DST  25L
7 Radhika Vathsan "Geometric aspects of Quantum Correlations in Dynamics" under the DST ICPS cluster initiative  QuEST  DST  48.4L
8 Physics Department Improvement of S&T infrastructure in Higher Educational Institutions (FIST)  DST  98L
9 Geetha K Varier "Non-invasive investigation of stem cell differentiation using an in-house constructed Two-photon fluorescence microscope"  DST WOS  

  • Completed Projects

    Principal Investigator


    Funding Agency

    Amount (Rs.)

    Dr. Teny Th. John

    Ecofriendly Flexible Czts Solar Cells


    29.25 Lakh

    Dr. Prasanta Kr. Das

    Signature of space-time noncommutativity in high energy collider”


    18.85 Lakh

    Dr. P. Nandakumar

    Studies on biomolecular transport through nuclear pore complexes using a dual fluorescence channel confocal microscope.


    44.04 Lakh

    Dr. E. S. Kannan

    Room temperature Hydrogen Storage and sensing using Reduced Graphene Oxide-MoS2 Nanocomposites.


    30.61 Lakh

    Dr. Ram Shanker Patel

    Spin seebeck Effect in novel heterostructures.


    50.83 Lakh

    Dr. Kinjal Banerjee

    Observational Signals of Quantum Gravity in CMB


    3.24 Lakh

    Dr. G C Samanta (PI, Dept. of Mathematics)

    Dr. Prasanta Kr. Das (Co-PI)

    Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration of the Universe in Modified Gravity.

    CSIR, Govt. of India

    16.96 Lakh

    Dr. Ram Shankar Patel

    Magneto transport in magnetic tunnel junctions


    49 Lakhs

    Dr. Teny Theresa John

    Photoluminescence Studies on Undoped and Transition Metal Doped ZnO Nanoparticles


    22.34 lakhs

    Dr. Prasanta Kr. Das

    Co-PI: Dr. T K Jha and Dr. C Sharma

    Aspect of some astrophysical systems like supernovae and neutron stars in the light of new physics


    17.51 lakhs

    Dr. E. S. Kannan,

    Improving the energy

    efficiency of solar cells by spin caloritronics


    22.08 Lakh

    Dr. Tarun Kumar Jha,

    Co-PI : Dr. S. K. Sahay,

    Neutron stars as a source of potential continuous gravitational wave emitter



    17.00 Lakh

    Dr. Prasanta Kumar Das

    “Probing new physics at high energy colliders”

    CSIR, Govt. of India

    13.50 lakhs

    Dr. Chandradew Sharma

    “Searching for New Physics in B meson decay



    18.02 Lakhs

    Dr. Ram Shanker Patel , : Co-PI: Dr. Teny John, Dr. Halan Prakash

    “Development of low temperature magnetization measurement Set-up”

    CSIR, Govt. of India

    13.55 Lakh

    Dr. Prasanta Kumar Das

    Radion contribution to various flavour changing neutral current processes in B meson decay

    DST, SERC (Fast Track)

    3.00 lakh


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