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M.Sc. Programme

4 Year Integrated M. Sc.

Admission to the M.Sc. programme can be taken after 10+2. Details should be seen on our admission site.
The M.Sc. Physics programme can normally be completed in 4-years. The programme has a strong foundation in Physics, Math, and computing.
The programme has a mandatory set of physics courses spread through four years. Alongside students have to do mandatory set of courses in various introductory courses in other sciences & engineering. Students are also given an opportunity to explore their interests in Humanties through mandatory humanities electives. Students are further encouraged to explore other disciplines (outside Physics) through 4-5 open electives. Students can do advanced courses in Physics or explore wider areas relevant to Physics through 4-5 discipline electives.

In their last year students have to either do a 1-semester thesis carrying out research or  spend a semester in the industry through the practice school programme.

For greater details of the curriculum see the links below

  • 1st year courses

    • Mechanics, Oscillations, and Waves (PHY F111)
    • Mathematics 1 (MATH F111)
    • General Biology (BIO F111)
    • General Chemistry (CHEM F111)
    • Engineering Graphics (BITS F110)
    • Physics Laboratory (PHY F11)
    • Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM F11)
    • Biology Laboratory (BIO F11)

    Semester - II

    • Thermodynamics (BITS F111)
    • Mathematics - II (MATH F112)
    • Probability & Statistics (MATH F113)
    • Electrical Sciences (EEE F111)
    • Computer Programming (CS F111)
    • Workshop Practice (ME F110)
    • Technical Report Writing (BITS F112)

  • 2nd year courses

    Semester - I
    • Electromagnetic theory - 1 (PHY F212)
    • Optics (PHY F213)
    • Classical mechanics (PHY F211)
    • Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics laboratory (PHY F214)
    • Mathematics - III (MATH F211)
    • Humanities electives

    Semester - II

    •  Electromagnetic theory - II (PHY F241)
    • Quantum mechanics - I (PHY F242)
    • Mathematical methods of physics (PHY F243)
    • Modern physics laboratory (PHY F244)
    • Principles of Management (MGTS F211) OR Principles of Economics (ECON F211)
    • Humanities electives

  • 3rd year courses

    Semester - I
    • Quantum mechanics - II (PHY F311)
    • Statistical mechanics (PHY F312)
    • Computational physics (PHY F313)
    • Discipline electives (min. 6 units)
    • Open / Humanities electives (3 to 6 units)

    Semester - II

    • Atomic & Molecular physics (PHY F342)
    • Solid state physics (PHY F341)
    • Nuclear & Particle physics (PHY F343)
    • Advances Physics Laboratory (PHY F344)
    • Discipline electives (min. 3)
    • Open / Humanities electives (3 - 6 units)

  • 4th year courses

    Semester - I
    • Discipline elective (min. 6 units)
    • Open electives (5 to 11 units )


              Practice School (BITS F412) - 20 units


              Thesis (BITS F421T) - 16 units

              Thesis (9 units) + Discipline electives (6 to 9 units)


  • Discipline Electives

    Following list of courses are approved by the senate as discipline electives. Not all electives are offered every year. However, many of these are regularly offered by our department.
    At the appropriate time before a semester begins, students can check out list of electives being offered for the next semester , electives offered in the past & the pre-requisites required.
    • Theory of Relativity (PHY F315)
    • Quantum Information and Computing (BITS F386)
    • Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics (PHY F215)
    • Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos (BITS F316)
    • Physics of Semiconductor Devices (PHY F426)
    • Advanced Quantum Mechanics (PHY F421)
    • Advanced Electrodynamics (PHY F424)
    • Introduction to Quantum Field Theory (PHY F412)
    • Group Theory and Applications (PHY F422)
    • Special Topics in Statistical Physics (PHY F423)
    • Quantum Optics (PHY F423)
    • Particle Physics (PHY F413)
    • General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology (PHY F415)
    • Musical Acoustics
    • Theoretical Neuroscience
    • Biophysics (BIOT F215)
    • Introduction to Nanoscience
    • Laser and applications (PHY F418)
    • Atmospheric Physics (PHY F427)
    • Study oriented projects (PHY F266)
    • Design Project (PHY F376, F377)
    • Lab oriented projects (PHY F366, F367)

  • Course Descriptions & Labs

    List of experiments in all MSc Labs & the Course Descriptions of all the Physics Department courses is given below. Click on the descriptions to download.
    Physics Lab-1 (Mechanics, oscillations & Waves)

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