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Teaching Labs

  • Physics Laboratory

    Common to all undergraduates, has basic experimental facilities for measurement  and analysis of experimental mechanics: 
    1.  linear and angular momentum    
    2. Moment of inertia
    3. Melde's experiment
    4. Kater's pendulum
    5. Coupled Pendulums
    6. Forced and Damped oscillator 
    7. Gyroscope
    8. Collisions on air track
    9. Maxwell's wheel
    10. Fourier analysis of sound signals
    11. Motion of a charged particle under electric and magnetic fields: e/m of electron

  • Electromagnetism and Optics Lab

    Also called Lab 2 for Masters students,
    1. Inductor, Resistor and Capacitor circuits 
    2. Helmholtz Coil
    3. Hysteresis measurements for a ferromagnetic rod
    4. Magnetic field measurements using a search coil
    5. Dielectric constant measurement of solids and liquids
    6. Magnetic induction measurement
    7. Michelson Interferometer setup
    8. Spectrometer
    9. Diffraction grating and interference slits
    10. Laser characteristics
    11. Newton's rings
    12. Fresnels' biprism

  • Modern Physics Lab

    Lab 3 for Masters students, we have equipment for demonstrating and measuring effects in quantum mechanics  and Optics.
    1. Measurement of speed of light by Fizeau's method
    2. Microwaves: interference and diffraction
    3. Zone plate
    4. Birefringence and Polarization
    5. Fresnel's equations 
    6. Spatial coherence
    7. Black body radiation
    8. Frank-Hertz Experiment
    9. Photoelectric effect
    10. Atomic Spectra
    11. Electron Diffraction
    12. Rutherford Scattering
    13. Zeeman Effect
    14. Compton Scattering

  • Advanced Physics Lab

    Lab 4 for Masters, This lab has advanced experiments in different areas, ranging from solid state physics,  statistical mechanics to  optics and  non linear dynamics.
    1. Four probe measurements
    2. Hall effect
    3. Electron Spin resonance
    4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance  
    5. Thermal and electric conductivity
    6. Ionic conductivity
    7. Magnetisation of a liquid
    8. Faraday rotation
    9. Statistical mechanics and the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution
    10. Noise generation and analysis: Boltzmann constant
    11. Lattice dynamics simulator
    12. Lock-in amplifier
    13. Semiconductor thermogenerator
    14. Geiger-Muller counter
    15. Quantum Eraser
    16. Quantum Cryptography

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