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Student Projects

radhika vathsan

Current Projects

 2nd Sem 2022-23

  • Quantum entanglement measures
  • Properties of geometric entanglement for multiqubit states
  • Entanglement and open quantum  dynamics

Past Projects

MSc Thesis Projects
 Semester  Student
 Project Title
 2019-20 Sem 2 Esha Swaroop  Quantum Error correction for Quantum metrology (with R Laflamme in ICQ Waterloo)
 2019-20 Sem1
  • Esha Swaroop
  • Priyank Sharma 
  •  Quantum Error correction for Quantum metrology (with R Laflamme in ICQ Waterloo)
  • Violation of Leggett-Garg Inequalities with Weak Measurement of Photons 
 2018-19 S2
Annie Ray
Phase Transition of Toom's Model (with R Laflamme of IQC, waterloo)
 2018-19 S1 Harsh Mavani Quantum Machine Learning
 2017-18 S2
 Aakash Nelson Mattukoya
 Towards Quantum Algorithms for Machine Learning
 2016-17 Sem 1
Kevin Abraham
Quantum Dot implementation of Measurement-based Quantum Computation
2016-17 Sem 1, 2
Ameya Riswadkar
 Optomechanics with graphene and superconducting non-linear cavities (with Prof Rajamani Vijayaraghavan, TIFR Mumbai)
 2014-15 Sem1
 Gauri Jagatap
  Continous Variable Quantum Information Theory (with Prof Naresh Sharma, TIFR Mumbai)
 2013-14 Sem1
 Kaushal Sapre
  Topology and its Artistic Visualization
 2012-13 Sem 2
  Nisheeth Bandaru
 Entanglement and Protecting it from
 2008-09 Sem 2
 Bharath Srivathsan
  Optical Quantum Computation
UG Projects (SoP, LoP, Design P, Spl P)
 2021-22 S1
  • Aayushi Dubal
  • Kartikey Sharma
  •  Aspects of foundational quantum mechanics for quantum information processing
  • Spintronics in Quantum Information
 2019-20 S1
  • Parth Padia
  • Rajat Chaurasia
  • Karthik Krishnakumar
  • Quantum Random Walks
  • Quantum Unit protocols for information processing
  • Quantum Error correcting codes and Fault tolerance
 2018-19 Sem 2 Ishaan Roy  Open Quantum Systems and Quantum thermal Devices
 2018-19 S1
  •  Ishaan Roy
  • Sreekara Sabarish
  •  Physical implementations of quantum information using Cavity QED
  • Superconducting qubits in quantum computation
 2017-18 S2
2015-16 Sem2
Ameya Riswadkar     
Single Photon Sources for Quantum Information (Design Project)
Chakshu Singla
Statistical Properties of Classical Light (Lab Project)
Manpreet Kaur
Game Theory: using Reinforcement Learning and
Quantum approach

 2013-14 Sem 2
Mihir Kakrambe
Quantum Entanglement in Density Matrix Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
Gauri Jagatap
Entanglement Assisted Classical Communication
in Gaussian Channels
(Study Project)
Sanjukta Krishnagopal
Single Photon Interference and Detection (Lab Proj)
Akhil Pratap Singh
 Coherence of a Single Photon Source (Lab Project)
Nikhil Tavora
Feature Extraction Analysis and Classification of Audio Files (Computer Project)
 2012-13 Sem 2
2010A7PS047G  Tarik Gupta  Quantum Games and Strategies, and Neural Networks (SOP)
 2010B5A3442G Darien Savio Rodrigues
 2009B5A8513G Ajinkya Shirish Kulkarni
 A study of the acoustic conditions in the BITS Goa Auditorium and suggestions for improvement
  2009A4PS253G Avadhanula Sasanka .  Scalable superconducting
architecture for adiabatic quantum
 2012-13 Sem 1
2009A7PS094G  Aditya Lele  World Music – Instrumental Styles (SOP)

 Apoorvaa Deshpande  Overview of World Music (SOP)

 2009A3PS014 Paanini Navelikar  Signatures for emotion in acoustic waveforms
2010B5A3522G  Akhil Pratap Singh
 NMR Based quantum computation
   2009A7PS126G Arunav Sanyal Quantum optimization algorithms


   2008B4A4664G Shubhanshu Tiwari
 Quantum Computation and Geometric
 2011-12 Sem 2
2007B4A3591G Nachiket Kukade  Object Recognition using Intersecting Cortical Model (COP)
2007B5A3522G Ishita Arora
 Information processing using optical quantum computation (SOP)
  2008A7PS111G R.Balakrishnan
2008A8PS260G  Chinmay Kothekar
Mood Analysis of Carnatic Ragas using Signal Processing techniques in MATLAB (COP)
 2011-12 Sem 1
2007B4A7542G Aarthi M. Sundaram
Quantum error correcting codes (SPl Project)
 2010-11 Sem 1
2007B3A8632G Abhishek Agrawal
IMAGE INPAINTING: - Fundamentals and Beyond, Illustration of an image which has been repaired using the technique.  (SOP)
 Swastik Mohapatra

 Interactive Website Design for Physics Society, BITS Pilani, KK Birla, Goa Campus (COP)
 Ashish Gandhi
 Occlusion Tolerant Object Class Recognition (COP)
 Adwait Gandhe
 License Plate Recognition using Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) algorithm and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) using OpenCV (COP)
  Chinmay Kothekar
 Indian Classical Music:  Emotion Generation and Recognition (SOP)
 2009-10 Sem 2
 2007C6PS499G Ashish R Gandhi  Unsupervised Occluded Object Class Recognition (COP)
   2006A3PS012G Sourabh Bodas
 Optical testing of PLC (NexGenie by Messung Systems, Pune)  for LCD and LED array (COP)
   2007A7PS397G Pratik Mallya
 Study of Quantum Finite Automata (SOP)
 2009-10 Sem 1
 2006C6PS346G  Rohan Anil
 Active Appearance Model Face Tracker Library using OpenCV (COP)
Amit Kumar Sarangi
 CMS modules using php and mysql (COP)
Abhishek Agrawal
 Image Processing involved in Robot Stereovision (COP)
 K Rahul Harikrishna 
  Sagar Jauhari      
Steganography and Steganalysis In JPEG Images  (SOP)
 2008-09 Sem 2
 2006A3PS012G Sourabh Y. Bodas
 Tracking objects in motion using OpenCV (SOP)
 2006A3PS051G  Chilukuri Raghu Nandan
 Introduction to Quantum Error Correction (SOP)
 2008-09 Sem 1
2006A7PS104G Kshitij Ashok Singhal Study of the basic design of the UnixTM Operating System and the Linux kernel (SOP)
 2007-08 Sem 2   2004P7PS172   N Balaji Kiran
 Comparison and Analysis of RSA Cryptography and Elliptic Curve Cryptography
   2004P7PS047 P.V.Satya Chaitanya  Data encryption and network security (SOP)
   2004P7PS153 P Maharishi Anirudh  QUANTUM ERROR CORRECTION CODES
 2005S5P3480 Aseem Rastogi
 2005S5P8489 Ganesh Raj
 String Theory: An introduction

 2005P7PS071 M Uday Kiran
 2005T6PS419 Ch Nishant Vardhan
 2005T6PS433 S Sharat Chandra
Physics Simulations (COP)
 2005T6PS435 Prakhar Prakash
 2005T6PS469 Gaurav Sapra
 Wavelet-based Image Compression (COP)
2007-08 Sem 1
 2004P7PS121 Sai Priya Kumar  Quantum Computation: Algorithms  (SOP)
   2004P7PS121 Neeraj Dhotre  Quantum Computation: Physical Implementations (SOP)
   2004P7PS128 Gaurishankar  Algorithms for public-key Cryptography (SOP)
   2004P7PS147 S Rangarajan  Quantum Cryptography (SOP)
   2004P7PS162 Sai Kumar  Cryptography and Network Security (SOP)
   2005T6PS452 Sutirtha Sinha Roy  Simulation of Quantum Algorithms (SOP)
 2004S4P7435 K. Vamsi
 2004S4P7622 John Saida Sk
 Study of Quantum Algorithms (SOP)

  2005T6PS436 Akhshay Gandhi
  2005T6PS451 Rohit Srivastava
  2005T6PS512 Navneet Chaubey
Online Registration and time-table module (COP)
 2005T6PS458 K Sreekanth Vijay
 2005T6PS585 T Shravan Kumar
 Web-based Online library access (COP)

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