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Conferences and Seminars

radhika vathsan

Conferences Attended/Organized

 Quantum Information and Quantum Technologies (QIQT 2022), IISER Kolkata   June-July 2022
 Discussion Meeting on Quantum Measurements, Center for Theoretical Studies, IISc Bangalore
 22-24 Oct 2014
 International Program on Quantum Information, Institute of Physics Bhubaneshwar; Invited Speaker,
 17-28 Feb 2014
 International Workshop on Quantum Information, HRI Allahabad
 20-25 Feb 2012
 Field Theoretic Aspects of Gravity (FTAG 5) - Organizing Committee
 18-26 Dec 2006


  • "Testing Gravitational Self-interaction via Matter-wave Interferometry", Invited talk   in QIQT 2022, 6 July 2022
  • "Quantum Physics and Information", set of two lectures, Bangalore University DST sponsored refresher course, 16 March 2021
  • Raman and His Nobel-winning Effect, C V Raman Memorial Lecture, Goa Science Center, 28 Feb 2020
  • Quantum Physics:  modern perspective, set of two lectures, IAPT UGCP @ BITS Goa, 21 Dec 2019
  • Some Subtle Issues in Quantum Information, Physics Department, University of Windsor, 24 June 2018'
  • Weak Measurements in Quantum Physics, Department Seminar, 25 March 2014
  • Aspects of Uncertainty and Complementarity, IPQI @IOP Bhubaneshwar, 28 Feb 2014
  • Einstein's Recoiling Slit Experiment: Uncertainty and Complementarity, QIPA @HRI Allahabad, 4 Dec 2013
  • "Einstein's Recoiling Slit Experiment and Complementarity", Invited talk, KST-BUB Lecture series in Frontier Areas of Research, Bangalore University, 27 Sep 2013
  • "Einstein's Recoiling Slit Experiment: Complementarity and  Uncertainty", seminar at Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, March 2013 
  • "Einstein's Recoiling Slit Experiment and Complementarity",  Physics Department Seminar, BITS Goa, April 2013
  • "Observing the Quantum World", the  2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, BITS Goa, Nov 15 2012
  • "Information and the Quantum: Pushing Boundaries", Science Day Colloquium, BITS Goa, 28 Feb 2012

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