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Central Workshop

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The Central Workshop provides training to students and caters the maintenance & fabrication needs of the Institute. Through the course "Workshop Practice", all first degree students are trained to acquire the necessary skills related to various manufacturing processes like machining, rapid prototyping (3d printing). fitting, carpentry, smithy, foundry, sheet metal, welding, etc. and two computer oriented exercises, a CNC Simulation software (by CIMCO) and MASTER CAM, and a Manufacturing Simulation software called FlexSim. Further, students of B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) are given in-depth training in various courses such as "Manufacturing Processes” and “Advanced Manufacturing Process", “Computer Aided Manufacturing” and "Flexible Manufacturing Systems". Apart from routine maintenance and training, the workshop also provides fabrication services pertaining to the project works of students and also offers technical support for TBI works.
The workshop comprises of various sections namely Machine shop, Welding, Electroplating, Fitting, Smithy, Sheet Metal, Carpentry, Foundry and Metrology. Major equipment include 1 Vertical Machining Center (Bridgeport VMC GX600), 1 EDM Wire cut facility (Model: SPRINT CUT), 1 CNC Lathe (Model PTC- 200), 1 Hydraulic press with computer control (40T), 9 Lathes, 2 Shapers, 1 Radial Drilling Machine, 1 Universal Milling Machine (Batlibai make) with indexing attachment, 1 Cylindrical Grinding Machine with internal grinding attachment, 1 Surface Grinding Machine, 1 Tool and Cutter Grinder, 1 Pedestal Grinder, 1 Slotting Machine, 1 Power Shearing Machine (Vivek Brand), 1 Portable Drilling Machine, 1 Injection Moulding Machine, 1 TIG Welding Machine, 1 MIG Welding Machine, 1 Spot Welding Machine, 1 Universal Milling Machine (BFW make), 1 Shaper (Sagar make), 1 Surface Roughness Tester (Mitutoyo make) and 1 Hydraulic Bulge Test Rig, 1 Electro Chemical Machining (ECM) setup, 1 Lathe Tool Dynamometer, and 1 Rotational Moulding Machine, 1 M TAB CNC Lathe Trainer, 1 3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) “Spectra”, 1 HMT PRAGA Universal Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine, 1 FRITSCH Vibratory Sieve Shaker, Magnesium metal stir casting Furnace, 1 Milling tool dynamometer, 1 Drilling tool dynamometer, 1 Lathe tool dynamometer, 1 200TON capacity Compression testing machine, Mold Testing Equipment, 1 Open-hearth furnace for smithy, 1 Gas-fired furnace for foundry, 5 Wood-working Lathes, 2 Arc-welding equipment’s, 1 Oxy-Acetylene gas welding equipment, 1 Gauge planner for wood works, Electroplating equipment (zinc coating), 1 Power Hacksaw, metrology instruments,1 Sand Muller (Capacity-75kg), 5 Panther make lathe machines, 1 HMT make High Speed Precision Lathe Machine and two 3D Printers, 13 Lenovo make desktops, a CNC Simulation software by CIMCO (20 Licenses),and a NC programming software called MASTER CAM (15 Licenses), 1 Plasma arc cutting machine, 3 AC Welding Transformers, 1 Powder mixing unit, 1 Metal foam fabrication set up, 1 Muffle Furnace,1 Balance(Sartorius) and 1 Trolley,15 Dell make desktops, 1 Precision Micro Machining Center,1 Ball Mill (Planetary Micro Mill), 1 Pellet Press, 1 Atmospheric Furnace 1 Corrosion Setup (VERSASTAT3-500) and 1 CNC Milling.
In addition to the existing equipment’s, during this academic year we going to procure 
1 Vision Measuring Machine,1 3D Scanner and 1 Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press.
Workshop In-charge: Prof. Sujith R
Lab Technicians: 
C. Bali Reddy
M. Bhasker, 
P. Sreedhar
N. Murali
M. Narsinga Rao
K. Krishna Kumar
B. Chandra Sekar
P. Mahendra Chary
Ch. Srinivasa Rao
Jinu Paul
S. S. Biswal

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